NOVUS B 7A blue - 020-1656

Deluxe stapler with patented automatic system technology

Stapling technology50% actuation travel - 100% perfection: the automatic function uses a spring mechanism patented by Novus to complete each stapling cycle automatically.
MaterialTool with metal functional parts
Stapling capacityMaximum number of sheets of 80 g/m² paper. The maximum capacity in this case is 30 sheets.
Stapling methodThe possible stapling style: permanent stapling
Stapling methodTemporary stapling makes it easy to keep papers together for short periods.The advantage: staples can be removed quickly and easily.
Stapling methodFor quick fastening: nailing.
Staple guideThe spring-mounted magazine permits comfortable, trouble-free stapling without staples jamming. Staples can no longer become stuck in the machine.
Loading capacityQuantity and type of staple that can be used. In this case, 150 pieces 24/6 staples.
Loading capacityQuantity and type of staple that can be used. In this case, 200 pieces 26/6 staples.
Throat depthMaximum paper insertion depth, in this case 105 mm.
Loading systemThe spring loading mechanism - by pressing a button at the rear of the stapler, the staple magazine is released for front loading.
GuaranteeNovus offers a warranty of 25 years when handled in a proper manner.
ComplianceThis machine bears the GS approval of product safety.
German Engineering by NovusThe quality statement "German Engineering" ensures that a product was developed according to German quality standards by our engineering experts. All Novus products carrying the "German Engineering by Novus" signet are manufactured in our own plants around the world by our own workforce, managed and supervised by our headquarters in Germany.